Legislative Letter Writing Workshop – Trip to New York

One of the simplest ways of helping your government make better and wiser decisions is to let your state leaders know how you feel about an issue that is important to you or about proposed legislation. Legislative letters do have an impact. They are used by Congress to judge the political climate on an issue. We want to help you write excellent letters. This is why CDGE-Project Pericles has teamed up with the Program in Writing, Professor Bill Macauley, and Professor Danielle Langfield from Political Science to offer a legislative writing workshop on Tuesday Jan 25 at 11:00am in the Babcock Dining Hall. Lunch will be served after the workshop. If you can attend this workshop, please sign up here.

How do you get to New York? By Feb 2nd, we ask that you hand in to the Writing Center your final legislative letter. You can submit the letter in hard copy to the Writing Center or email an electronic copy of the letter to writing_center@wooster.edu. A panel will read the submitted letters and decide on the best three letters. These (and perhaps others) will be sent to the Project Pericles office in New York. Project Pericles is sponsoring a national conference. If you are selected by them, you will win the opportunity to present before a Senator. If not, the College of Wooster still has the option of choosing the best team-written-letters and nominating two students to go to New York. Again, the winning team (two students) gets an all-expenses-paid trip to attend the Debating for Democracy National Conference where you will get to learn about activism, strategies for social change, and social entrepreneurship. The Project Pericles – Debating for Democracy (D4D) 2011 National Conference will be held between March 24-26, 2011, hosted by Pace University, New York City.

Since this workshop occurs during class time, it is important that you follow Academic Policies at Wooster. If a class you are taking conflicts with this workshop, please secure permission from the instructor whose class you may be missing. If the workshop does not conflict with classes, you do not have to worry. Go ahead and register.Registration implies that you have a confirmed space. If you are unable to attend AFTER registering, please email Mariana Weyer and let her know that you are unable to attend.

This event is only open to College of Wooster students, faculty and staff. Community members that wish to attend are asked to contact the Center directly by emailing diversity [at] wooster.edu.

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