Student Documentary Examines Wooster Reaction to Trayvon Martin Case

The shooting of Trayvon Martin has been a focus of media attention since he was killed by George Zimmerman on February 26th, 2012 in Sanford, Florida.  His killing has sparked numerous debates, many of which are continuations of never-ending discussions and arguments about complex and contentious topics in America.  Race relations, gun rights and gun control, media influence on our culture and how we perceive our African-American neighbors or clothing styles, have all been discussions taking place around the nation on the news and around the water cooler or around the dinner table.

The impact of this case has reached Ohio as well, as Hale Hall, at Ohio State University and location of the black cultural center for that campus, was defaced with the words “Long Live Zimmerman”spray painted on the side of it, in assumed reference to George Zimmerman.  This prompted an immediate reaction and pledge of support to inclusion and safety for all students from Ohio State President E. Gordon Gee.

Students at the College of Wooster are thinking and talking about Trayvon as well, with discussion, public art wall displays, and rallies, and now a short documentary created by student Mamoudou N’Diaye, supported by organizations like Men of Harambee, Black Student Association, Brothers of Diversity, and The Woostonian.  He explores the knowledge and awareness level of Wooster students, faculty and staff in his piece, as well as perceptions about the case and what the outcome will or should be.  It is a 15 minute watch well worth your time, and no matter what side you stand on in with these issues, it can be agreed upon that more awareness and informed discussion and debate on these topics serves everyone and makes our community stronger.

Grey Day: The Dream Revisited – Documentary by Mamoudou N’Diaye

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Problems and Prospects for Peace in South Asia

Join us for a dialogue with Dr Saeed Shafqat and Dr. Phillip Oldenburg on Wednesday April 4th, 2012, Babcock Formal Lounge 7pm
South Asia is a region of great opportunity and progress but also a place that has historically suffered from territorial conflicts that are rooted in religious, cultural and ethnic divisions. In addition to territorial conflicts that have social and political economy dimensions, this region also suffers from terrorism; now a trans-boundary issue that has given rise to tribulations from religious militancy to the
suppression of civil liberties. This interactive panel will discuss the multifaceted nature of conflict in South Asia and the prospects for peace. We will highlight movements from within and outside the region that are seeking reconciliation and exploring choices for promoting peace.

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Some YouTube Videos

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Spaces Still Available for OMSA and C3’s International Women’s Day Celebration!

Join the Office of Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs and C3: Cross-Cultural Connections for our International Women’s Day Celebration, beginning tomorrow night, Wednesday, at 630pm, in the Babcock Formal Lounge.  We will have a few speakers, consisting of students, faculty and community members, to start us off tomorrow night as they address the issue of women’s empowerment in different contexts, including politics and personal relationships.  We will then move into the Dining Room for dinner and discussion, as we reflect on the influence women have had on our lives, and what we must commit ourselves to in order to ensure that women around the world have every opportunity to fulfill their dreams.  This event is open to all: students, staff, faculty, community members, men and women.

Please RSVP soon as space is running out quickly at

We will see you there!

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As It Happens

Join us at the College of Wooster CoRE on Monday February 27, 2012. President Cornwell will reflect with Robin Wright, and Rami Khouri (live from Lebanon via video conference) on the topic “One Year After the Arab Spring”. This event is a collaboration between Center for Diversity and Global EngagementGreat Decisions of Wayne County and Instructional and Informational Technology .



4:30pm As it happens, live from the CoRE with Robin Wright and Rami Khouri. (Reservation required)
5:45pm. Middle Eastern Buffet Dinner at Freedlander Theatre Lobby. (Reservation required)



7:30pm. Great Decisions Lecture by Robin Wright. McGaw Chapel. (No reservation required, free and open to the public)

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