Conscience and Character … in Progress

After a successful year under the theme of Activism for Inclusion, the Center has launched this year’s activities under the theme: Conscience and Character. This theme is a response to campus/community challenges around the issue of race, gender, religious intolerance, sexual orientation, and partisanship. Wooster is not an extreme place. Many views are represented here. We collectively have more diversities than many liberal arts schools. We do a good job of celebrating our diversities. We need to do a better job of bringing our diversities into explicit conversation. That is part of what we are trying to do at the Center. This theme is also, in a small way and in co-operation with others on campus, responding to the micro-aggressions committed within our community. These challenges are set within a global context of increasing interconnections and discontinuities fueled by ignorance or insensitivity. Conscience and Character is our hope, our call to the community. Turn to your conscience and ask yourself in the role you perform, how are you inclusive and globally engaged?

This series is our evolving effort. We have sought to complement and enhance other efforts elsewhere on campus. In keeping with the Center’s ethos, we can only do this work collaboratively and with your help. We thank our Advisory Board that helped choose this year’s theme. Please share your thoughts with us. If you have any ideas or suggestions click on the feedback link on the left-hand-side of this blog.

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