Philosophic Dialogue between Africa and the Americas

On 18 December 2009, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 2011 as the International Year for People of African Descent. “Around 200 million people who identify themselves as being of African descent live in the Americas. Many millions more live in other parts of the world, outside of the African continent. In proclaiming this International Year, the international community is recognising that people of African descent represent a distinct group whose human rights must be promoted and protected.” (UN Website)

“The year will strengthen national action and regional and international cooperation for the benefit of people of African descent. This includes their full enjoyment of economic, cultural, social, civil and political rights, their participation and integration in all political, economic, social and cultural aspects of society, and the promotion of a greater knowledge of and respect for their diverse heritage and culture.” (UN Website)

One of the commemorative events is being held at Purdue University this week. If you have ever wondered about African Philosophy or want to begin thinking about the connections between what comes under the labels of African philosophy, African-American philosophy, and Afro-Caribbean Philosophy, specifically how our multicultural experiences inform these philoshopies, log onto a live webstream today at 5pm.

In the meantime, not to be outdone, our own Africana studies department is hosting a seminar on theories and methodologies in Africana studies on Tuesday at 11am at the CDGE. See our wiki space for more information and readings.

For cultural experiences make sure you go see the Jazz Duo of Adam Rudolph and Ralph Jones at 7pm in Scheide on Thursday and finally tune in on Sunday from 2-4pm EST to “The Return of Radio Freedom: African Political Voices” online.

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