Traces of the Trade

Traces of the Trade is a compelling documentary chronicling the journey of a New England family. In the film, the family traces its roots back to two generations of slave traders. The Center hosted family members Dean and Constance Perry who shared the film. As they were leading the discussion with over 100 members of the community, they remarked on the synchronicity between the journey they were taking and the mission of the Center which is about “redressing legacies of exclusion and injustice”. The family helped the audience imagine the journey we must take from recognition of our histories to reconciliation. For an intriguing take on the film Watch a panel discussion on Traces of the Trade, moderated by NewsHour journalist Judy Woodruff and Harvard Law School professor Charles Ogletree. This panel features Dr. J. Bryan Hehir of the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Ambassador James Joseph, Prof. Goodwin Liu of the UC Berkeley Law School, and Ruth A. Wooden, President of Public Agenda.

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